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Asia Leadership Conference

“Transforming Yourself: Leadership Skills for the 21st Century” was the title of a keynote speech Ralph delivered for the Asia Leadership Conference at Sunway University, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 6 January 2018.


He is globally available as a speaker, impulse giver and lecturer who has frequently been delivering keynotes, talks and panels to large audiences at events since 2006 and teaches an overbooked course on corporate development and finance as well as mergers and acquisitions at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.


Ralph returned to Sunway University and the Asia Leadership Conference, where he first presented in 2017, to tell a compelling and thoughtful narrative on how a lean and agile approach to leadership is critical to shifting paradigms fast in an age of disruptive digital globalization. The session covered quick learning strategies, a positively framed failure orientation and a growth mindset, along with captivating real-life examples, successes to emulate and failures to avoid, through lively speech. Attendees left the talk with several new ideas to pursue post-conference, a clear definition of disruption and a deeper appreciation for chances they have in the smart use of technology and global mobility. As they are living in the 21st century, their future success depends on developing durable dynamism for their entire lives.