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Ralph Poettinger

Welcome, entrepreneurially-minded people!

Managing director at institutional investor Alpine Group, Ralph acts as an advisor, author and speaker on value-driving corporate development for your enterprise's strategic growth committed to the core values of freedom, security, success and reputation.


As a managing director at Austrian institutional investor Alpine Group, which provides capital and value-driving corporate development to enterprises both within its portfolio and external, Ralph has access to vast resources for the support of your enterprise's strategic growth in line with his four core values of freedom, security, success and reputation.

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Ralph strives to enhance the value of enterprises for both their owners and society at large by advising on key questions of strategic management, growth financing, mergers and acquisitions.

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Besides blogging, Ralph writes thought-provoking pieces for publications and his clients, by means of which he has introduced the concepts of 'digitally global', the 'corponation' and the 'valuepreneur'.

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Ralph has frequently been delivering keynotes, talks and panels to large audiences at events since 2006 and is a lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.


While many clients value taciturnity, the following features and published projects exemplify Ralph's approach to value-driving corporate development in his various capacities as an advisor, author and speaker of integrity committed to his core values of freedom, security, success and reputation.

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Project Laurie is the code name for Ralph exploring markets in Singapore and Bangladesh for a European high-technology group in 2017.

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Sought-after commentator on economic development in the Lotus Nation, Ralph has written a chapter for the 4th globally-published Rethinking Asia book.

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Ralph delivered the keynote in Kuala Lumpur on critical leadership in times of disruptive digital globalisation early this year.

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As a Certified Digital Consultant, Ralph is able to advise Austrian clients he deems worthy in a pro bono function.


Ralph is dedicated to enabling real change in the world through value-driving corporate development on the foundation of his four core values of freedom, security, success and reputation, so he advises, authors and speaks about inspiring ideas and critical concepts, many of which first appear here.

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The Valuepreneur

Valuepreneurs are enterprise leaders and others focused on maximising the creation of business and shared value in the long term.  

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There is a convergence between state-capitalist political systems, especially in Asia, on the one side, and digitally global companies that transcend and outplay the power of governments, especially in the Western World, on the other hand.

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Digitally Global

At the dawn of the third millennium, our world is characterised by the digitally global flows of good, services, people, finance, and data; by the ways in which geopolitical players shape the course of digitization in their images; and the way that data allocates globally. The Great Firewall of China, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies […]